As first time dog owners, my husband and I decided we wanted the best possible situation for a new dog: a well socialized puppy with a wonderful start in life! We did a tremendous amount of research about breeders to gain an understanding of the many considerations before purchasing a purebred dog. We quickly decided that health testing and temperament were amongst the most important qualities on our list to look for. I had my heart set on a red poodle for may years and so our search for the perfect match had started…

I found Arreau Standard Poodles online and had a good feeling from the start! I contacted Cherie Perks, had a wonderful conversation about what we were hoping for, our lifestyle, her background, history and philosophy with regards to breeding, and I just knew this was it. I knew Cherie was interviewing us just as much as we were her and that made me feel really positive about the level of care she has for each and everyone of her puppies!

Over the next year while we waited for our baby to be born, I spoke with Cherie and her co-owner, Debra Pohl, regularly online about almost everything: responsible dog ownership, health, breeding practices, dog showing, training, grooming, you name it! She happily and patiently answered all of my questions. We had wonderful conversations about dog companionship and what a loving, rewarding relationship that can be. Cherie has devoted so much time educating me. I never doubted that we had made the right choice.

We are absolutely thrilled with our baby boy Jasper. He is a beautiful, happy, smart puppy that loves everyone he meets! I feel as thought we have gained new family in Cherie, Deb, and many of the other pupp’s families that we’ve kept in touch with. They have shown me what truly honest, loving, caring breeders are all about and for that we are so grateful.

Jessica and David Z.
St Paul, Minnesota