As first time dog owners, my husband and I decided we wanted the best possible situation for a new dog: a well socialized puppy with a wonderful start in life! We did a tremendous amount of research about breeders to gain an understanding of the many considerations before purchasing a purebred dog. We quickly decided that health testing and temperament were amongst the most important qualities on our list to look for. I had my heart set on a red poodle for may years and so our search for the perfect match had started…

I found Arreau Standard Poodles online and had a good feeling from the start! I contacted Cherie Perks, had a wonderful conversation about what we were hoping for, our lifestyle, her background, history and philosophy with regards to breeding, and I just knew this was it. I knew Cherie was interviewing us just as much as we were her and that made me feel really positive about the level of care she has for each and everyone of her puppies!

Over the next year while we waited for our baby to be born, I spoke with Cherie and her co-owner, Debra Pohl, regularly online about almost everything: responsible dog ownership, health, breeding practices, dog showing, training, grooming, you name it! She happily and patiently answered all of my questions. We had wonderful conversations about dog companionship and what a loving, rewarding relationship that can be. Cherie has devoted so much time educating me. I never doubted that we had made the right choice.

We are absolutely thrilled with our baby boy Jasper. He is a beautiful, happy, smart puppy that loves everyone he meets! I feel as thought we have gained new family in Cherie, Deb, and many of the other pupp’s families that we’ve kept in touch with. They have shown me what truly honest, loving, caring breeders are all about and for that we are so grateful.

Jessica and David Z.
St Paul, Minnesota


Arreau Standard Poodles and my internet puppy

When arrived in rural Ontario to pick up my puppy Pericles I was meeting him, and the breeder Cherie Perks, and Pericles’ mom, Journey, for the first time. Except I really wasn’t.

Since writing Cherie about getting on the list for a puppy, I’d written a long application for her, describing the dogs I’ve had and about their lives with me; Cherie had interviewed me for almost two hours on the telephone; and I’d followed her and her co-owner Debra Pohl closely on their Facebook pages. These pages are extremely active; for a litter of 12 puppies born at Debra’s place there were updates every day, sometimes several times a day. Both Debra and Cherie posted in tremendous detail about their births, their early days, their eyes opening, starting to walk, their personalities – and it was clear that these puppies had a head start on socialization and on good health with great care, interaction with adults and children, and learning how to live in a house. It gave me great confidence that I had selected the right breeder.

Cherie kept us posted about Journey’s breeding to Lombardi and her pregnancy. When the puppies were born, we all knew right away on Facebook. Videos came fast and frequently and it was as if I was right there at the side of the whelping pen watching the pups be born and nurse. We knew how well each was growing from the weights that were posted, and were able to watch with Cherie and her family how their personalities developed. We saw their first steps, and how they were introduced to the wider world. We saw how they interacted with each other, with the other dogs in their home, and with people.

I’d intended to visit the puppies well before it was time for them to leave the breeder’s, just to make sure, but a crisis with one of my senior dogs made that impossible. But Cherie’s transparency convinced me that this was indeed the right choice for my new companion dog.

When it came time to assign puppies, Cherie called me, told me which dog she’d selected for me, and why. And it turns out it was a brilliant choice. I wanted a laid-back dog, not overly energetic, but affectionate. And as I write this, Pericles is now just about six months old, in fabulous health, and has already passed his AKC Puppy STAR class. He’s a joy to have, gets along well with my other dog, and is full of puppy energy in the best possible way. The vet said at his first visit with her, “He has a good heart”. She is right.

All the necessary and usual documentation from a top-notch breeder was of course there: photos and discussion of how their dogs performed at shows; all the testing; the explanation of how the dam and sire were chosen for each other, and of their pedigrees; the type of litter expected; the explanation of how the puppies would be paired with their new families; discussion of the contract and of Arreau Standard Poodle’s guarantees for and expectations of their puppies and the responsibilities of the new owners.

Cherie Perks and Arreau Standard Poodles give far more than this: it’s clear that they love their own dogs, they care deeply about the breed and about improving it, and they make great effort to ensure that their puppies are well placed with the right people. It’s a sign of this engagement that Cherie continues to keep in close touch with her puppies after they have left their first home, and that so many new members of the extended Arreau Standard Poodle family keep in close touch on Cherie’s Facebook page, and through other communication.

So yes, I guess you could say I bought my poodle on the internet. And he is wonderful. I recommend Cherie Perks and Arreau Standard Poodles most highly.

Mary R., Cliffside Park, NJ


I am very pleased to be able to recommend Arreau Red Standard Poodles and its principals, Cherie Perks and Debra Pohl, to any potential purchasers of standard poodle puppies. Let me tell you why.

In 2013, my adult standard male turned 5. Though he was in fine shape and healthy, at that age a dog will soon be starting on the second half of his life. I wanted to have another healthy dog in the family well before he begins to decline. I also missed a little of the youthful excitement my dog had brought to my family when he was a pup.

I started researching standard poodle breeders, beginning with the breeder of my adult poodle (who, sadly, was no longer breeding dogs). I remembered that a few years earlier I had seen a couple of very bright coppery standard poodles, a color I had never seen in a poodle before. I found the color appealing, so I began to research breeders who specialized in red standards. Although there were several, I found myself returning again and again to the website of Arreau because the information it contained was comprehensive and clearly well researched, and I could not find any source with anything negative to say about Arreau (which, believe me, is not the case for all breeders). I also liked the fact that Arreau was not a large operation with many litters going out simultaneously, but was the work of, as it turned out, two exceptionally dedicated and caring women, Cherie and Deb.

When I was ready to move beyond research, I called Cherie and we had a long chat. Cherie, I learned immediately, is very serious about her dogs, and about red and apricot standard poodles. She knew about dog genetics, health issues that affect the breed, and best breeding and care practices. It was clear that she was not interested in selling puppies to just anybody; she was looking for the right people to take her puppies into their lives and homes. It was also clear that this next litter was to be an important breeding, of her champion Canadian red female Journey (Can. Champ. Farfallina at Arreau Very-Merry) with an American grand champion apricot male (Am. Gr. Champ. Le Glorious Lombardi du NOLA Caniche Rouge); she had acquired Journey from Europe and had carefully researched Lombardi to make sure that the puppies produced would carry forward the best attributes of the breed and the colors, and minimize or eliminate any negative characteristics that can be found in standard poodles. Cherie and Deb care about improving the breed, particularly the red and apricot lines, and have spent a great deal of time and money in efforts to do so.

Although I was very impressed, I am a cautious person and I decided that I wanted to meet Cherie in person, look at her facility and meet Journey. Cherie was open to my visiting her as long as I came before Journey delivered, and she suggested that I also arrange to meet with Deb Pohl, her co-breeder, during my trip, so that if the next suitable puppy was not available until the following litter (which would be from one of Deb’s two females), I would also get to meet her and her dog. I spoke with Deb, with whom I was equally impressed, and arranged a trip.

I drove up from New York State to central Ontario to meet first with Cherie and then with Deb. After spending hours with each of them in their homes, I was convinced that I had found the right breeders for me. In addition to being wonderfully kind and welcoming to a stranger, they allowed me to spend a great deal of quality time with their terrific dogs (Cherie had three standard poodles and two whippets at the time, and Deb had two female standards). I felt sure that the puppies these dogs produced were likely to be terrific too.

A few days after my visit, Journey, had her litter of eight beautiful pups. I joined Facebook to follow the litter (by this point I had learned that I would most likely be getting a puppy from Journey’s litter). Arreau, Cherie and Deb have very active Facebook presences and they post updates, photos and video regularly to keep all interested people up-to-date. I found myself checking Facebook hourly at first, then daily, to keep up with progress. It was almost like being there.

When the puppies were four weeks old, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I asked Cherie if I could come for a visit. She agreed and I made the day-long drive again. This time, Cherie and her fabulous companion Bruce invited me to stay in their home, which gave me many hours to spend in their company, and in the company of the dogs, adults and puppies. It was glorious! These were some seriously beautiful, happy, healthy and well cared for puppies. Cherie and Bruce obviously loved them all, as a group and individually. They were not doing all the work it takes to raise the puppies as a pure business proposition. They do this for love, and it showed in every one of the puppies.

At seven weeks, Cherie (with Deb’s input) assigned the non-show quality pups to their new owners. I was delighted with her choice! I had seen him grow from a newborn into a handsome, sweet baby. I knew he would be the right puppy for us.

At nine and one-half weeks, the puppies had received their first round of vaccinations and Cherie was ready to release them to their forever homes. Once again I made the drive up. My husband and I spent a good part of the morning with Cherie, Bruce, the adult dogs and the remaining puppies. By then, I felt like I was visiting old friends. It was bittersweet to say goodbye, and it was clear that while Cherie approved of us and thought our pup would do well, she was also very sad to see him go.

My puppy is thirteen weeks old now. He is thriving and happy, and he clearly shows what a wonderful dog he will be. I am extremely fortunate to have found Arreau, Cherie and Deb. They have made it possible for this lovely little fellow to become a part of my life and my family. I am very grateful!

Lisa R., Rhinebeck, NY.


Thank you for our Jagger (Ocean). He is such a gorgeous and intelligent puppy who has brought our family so much joy. Your daily Facebook postings enabled my family and I to feel very connected to you and the birth of Journey’s babies. It was quite amazing to be part of such an exciting and emotional adventure. We followed you every step of the way, from Journey going with Bruce to Atlanta, Georgia to meet Lombardi, to her pregnancy test at the vet, to her growing tummy, then finally the day when the babies were born- it was a huge thrill for us. Then we looked forward to the wonderful pictures of the babies progress and development each day. Your love for your dogs and puppies exudes through all of your posting. I cannot say enough about what an amazing experience getting Jagger has been. Cherie, your integrity and passion for your poodles demonstrates a commitment to breeding that separates you from the majority of breeders out there. I look forward to staying in touch and seeing all of Jagger’s brother and sisters grow up!

Lisa Cohen and family – Toronto, Ontario


Thanks so much to Cherie and Debra! I have the best red standard poodle. She is so loving and cuddly and so smart.

She loves kids and is my son’s new best friend.

I started following Arreau Red Standard Poodles over a year ago and after watching and talking to Cherie many times I decided this is where I want my standard to come from. Diva is my pups name and if you could meet her you would know just how special she is…She was raised with kids around and she came to me already with such a remarkable temperament. She’s a gentle soul… I would recommend these Standard Poodle breeders to anyone.

Cherie has always been so quick to answer all of my questions, and not just before I decided and after I decided but even now….its a great communication we have. I can always ask her expert opinion at anytime. Diva will be 5 months old soon and I couldn’t be happier. We love her beyond words. Thanks you so so much Cherie and Debra of Arreau Standard Poodles. You really are the good guys!

Krista Lake (Diva Taylor Lake)
Newfoundland, Canada


I just want to say on behalf of my wife and I how pleased we are first of all with the commitment that you both have made as responsible breeders. Our particular red boy is over his initial travel and new surroundings anxiety and is settling in very comfortably. As I am composing this he has just signaled at the back door a desire to go out, and he promptly peed and pooped upon reaching his designated spot. He is not fully toilet trained, but has had only one accident in the house, and that was due to our lack of timekeeping. It has been a pleasure from the start getting to know both of you and your extended families of people and dogs. Our little guy is going to be a champ, I just have this feeling. This is our fourth dog, and the others were loved and nurtured as this one will be, but I think he is going to be special. It is also gratifying to know that we have a support group who are close by in both of you, as questions arise about our little guy in particular and the breed in general. You both have been very helpful and the package which you provided with the puppy is very informative and appreciated. It would seem that in this world of breeders, puppy mills and the like, that the two of you, to make a bad pun, are a breed apart. This is one of the reasons among many positive ones that my wife gravitated towards you Cherie, initially, and we felt that we would be well served dealing with you both. And Deb you basically confirmed what we already knew that things were going to be well taken care of, even though we met later in the process. We could not have been more pleased with the whole process from its initial contact back in March, to its culmination when we picked up our red boy. We both look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you both, visits and such, and to another addition a year or so down the line.

Thank you so very much, both of you, for your care and consideration. I would recommend you to anyone who desires a poodle with the best attributes of the breed, and with all the genetic problems and other issues, investigated beforehand to make sure the little ones are not susceptible as far as may be done. This has been a great experience and the support has been above and beyond.

Ron and Sharon Blewett


Thank you so much for our wonderful puppy, Bobby. We could not ask for a more perfect pup: intelligent, friendly, calm, well socialized, and full of puppy exuberance.
When we unexpectedly lost Charlie, our 11½ year-old standard poodle, in 2011, we knew that we wanted to get another dog. So I started my search for the right breeder who had the promise of providing us with a healthy puppy with a good personality. Charlie had had health problems all her life and while she had a dog’s stoic ability to mask her pain we knew she was often uncomfortable. I didn’t want to go through that again and so I wanted to find a breeder who focused on health issues as well as temperament. One cannot absolutely guarantee good health, of course, but I wanted someone who would give our new puppy the best possible chance.

After a couple of false starts I came upon the Arreau website and knew that I had found my breeder. From my first conversation with you, Cherie, I was confident that I would be happy with whichever puppy you selected for us. And we could not be happier with Bobby.

It was so exciting to be kept up to date on Facebook on Betty Jo’s pregnancy and then the birth of the pups. The daily updates and photos that you provided, Deb, made us feel part of the process and we eagerly anticipated the day we would find out which puppy would be ours. It was so much fun for us and our family and friends to watch the puppies grow and to see their different personalities emerge. I believe that the best dogs are raised in a family environment and the loving care with which your children handled and nurtured the pups was so evident, Deb.

Bobby is the perfect puppy. He is handsome and intelligent and just so well adjusted. He meets new people and new situations easily and happily. He has all the positives of the goofy, poodle personality but is content to just sit at our feet when we are looking for quiet time. It is so wonderful to have a dog in our lives again.

I have been around dogs all my life and I had a definite idea of what I was looking for in a breeder. Friends kept asking me why I needed to go to Ontario to find a puppy, as there were breeders closer to home that had puppies available sooner. I am so glad that we waited for one of your puppies, Deb and Cherie. The care you take in breeding your dogs and raising their pups is unparalleled and I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone looking for a standard poodle puppy.

Gordon and I promise to do our part to give Bobby the home he deserves. Thank you again for entrusting him to us.

Julie Cross
West Vancouver, B.C.


Hi, my name is Diane Kers. I am a Maltese breeder and I am hearing impaired. Almost 4 years ago, my Charlie, a rescued Labrador who was also my service dog passed away unexpectedly. He was only 9 years old. I was devastated.

A few years before, my husband and I decided that the next service dog would be a standard poodle: labs shed something fierce and I am allergic to most breeds. Charlie became a member of our family when his owner retrieved him, his sister and herself from an abusive home before going to a shelter herself. We found a home for his sister but Charlie had already stolen our hearts. He was one year old.

So here I was, without Charlie and I realized that my search for my spoo had to start.

Because I am a breeder myself, I had a better idea than the average person as to how to start my search.
I went to the CKC site, checked different Poodle Forums, read everything I could on the breed and on the different breeders close to me.

I wanted a black female. That did limit the number of breeders in my search area.
In all my research and readings, I came across Cherie Perks of Arreau Standard Poodles! I really liked what she was saying on the Poodle Forum. After a while, I pm’ed her, on the forum and we started chatting back and forth. And we became friends on FB which led to our having long phone conversations.

Even thought I was looking for a black spoo, Cherie very patiently answered all my questions.

And one night, which I remember so clearly, Cherie tried talking me into getting a black male instead of a female. And to get into breeding spoos. Red spoos!! She explained that to set the red color of her own poodles she wanted to use a black male. I will not bore you with the details of that conversation but in the end, for me to get a male was impossible: I have Maltese females that go into heat and to restrain a male standard poodle would be a nightmare.
A few days later, the reason for Cherie’s comment became clear: she posted a picture of a magnificent black standard poodle puppy: Quincy!!

I fell heel over head in love with that puppy. I watched him grow, as did so many others, with awe.

Throughout the last few years, Cherie and I kept talking and we decided that I was going to get a black female from one of Quincy’s litters. A black female.

Finally, this year, Betty-Jo gave birth to a litter with only 2 females: a black one and a red one!!
My girl was here. Her name is Obsidian, aka “Arreau’s Candles In The Rain. She was birthed and raised by Debra Pohl Arreau Standard Poodle.

I’ve had many conversations with Debra while she was raising this litter and since Obsidian joined our pack.

Raising a standard poodle puppy is not the same as raising a Maltese puppy. Starting with the grooming, feeding and teaching them is very different. But thanks to both Cherie and Debra, I am very confident that Obsidian is going to be a real poster image for the breed!

Yes, I am quite smitten by Obsidian and how can I not be? She is playful, smart and cuddly.
It is not easy for any puppy to be introduced to a new pack and she did it without skipping a beat: she assessed each and every member of the pack right away and figured out who to leave alone and who would play with her.

She is crated at night, in my room as she is to be my service dog later on, and has slept through the night since night one.

Within a few days of Obsidian joining our family, we took her to our vet for a health assessment, which I do with all newcomers and recommend to all new owners, and she passed with flying colors.

Diane Kers,
South Mountain,On


We are devoted dog owners, and when our lovely Golden Retriever, Thatcher, started to get older we decided to get a puppy, with the hope that the puppy would keep Thatcher young, and Thatcher would help us train the puppy. Due to allergies, we needed to look at a different breed of dog.

We decided on a standard poodle and when I found the Arreau Red Standard Poodle website, we immediately fell in love. The puppies were so adorable. Once we contacted Cherie and realized how knowledgeable and helpful she is, there was no question we would just wait for our puppy to become available.

Our Bailey (Pink) was born on May 31 during a power outage. Very dramatic! Her Mom, Betty Jo, is Deb’s dog, so Bailey spent her first nine weeks with Deb and her family. During that time, Deb was amazing about posting information, photos and videos about the puppies development. We were also able to talk with Deb and Cherie at length, and they were both full of great information about how to prepare for our new baby.

When we went to pick up Bailey, we immediately realized how lucky she was to start off in such a wonderful home. Deb and her three kids were so devoted to the puppies. Plus Deb provided us with all sorts of health testing documentation on Bailey’s Mom and family, so we knew we were getting a healthy puppy. We also got a pink collar and leash, a pink blanket with familiar smells to comfort Bailey in her new home, and a decorative pink collar, made with love by Deb’s daughter.

Thanks to Deb’s guidance, the introduction of Bailey to Thatcher went so well. Since they’ve been home, they’ve become fast friends. Bailey, our “spunky monkey”, is such a delightful member of the family. She is full of life, very smart, and very friendly. She loves other dogs, and not surprisingly, adores kids. We are so grateful to Cherie and Deb.

Love, Pat


I am writing to express my absolute pleasure at having the opportunity of purchasing a dog from Cherie and Deb at Arreau Standard Poodles.

When the decision was made that a poodle was the type of dog we were interested in. I spent a lot of time calling and emailing breeders, trying to find someone who I knew I could trust to put health and quality breeding ahead of anything.

Being fortunate enough to be given Cherie’s name by a very trusted source, I knew from our first chat, that Cherie was someone who was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her dogs and maintaining the quality of the breed.

Cherie grew up with poodles from a very young age and I don’t believe there is anything she cannot tell you about this breed. I instantly felt very much at ease and confident in my decision to secure a spot on her waiting list.

It was a wonderful journey from that point forward!

Cherie always kept everyone on her list up-to-date on breeding, confirmation of pregnancy and delivery. I will never forget the night of delivery! I was like a nervous dad in the waiting room! It was so exciting, watching and waiting as Cherie posted the arrival of each new pup. The weeks following were just as fun. Pics were posted daily of the puppies allowing us new parents to see their development as it was happening.

I can honestly say the experience from that initial inquiry phone call to bringing pup home was, without a doubt – PERFECT!! …and the story doesn’t end there…

Because of Cherie’s endless commitment of providing absolute quality and care, our Freeda is everything we were hoping for in a dog. She is friendly, loving, happy and so loyal. She has been very easy to train, learns very quickly and eager to please.

My kids adore her, my husband cannot kiss her enough and she is my daily provider of “sunshine”. She truly is our own personal teddy bear and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I should mention as well, Freeda is 10 months old now, and Cherie continues being part of our lives checking in with everyone, and is always available if we have questions.

THANK YOU Cherie and Deb!

Please continue to do what you do best – provide happiness to families J

I cannot imagine a better job!

The Farmer Family
Morrisburg, ON


My family is grateful to Cherie and Debra at Arreau for our lovely, healthy, sweet-natured poodle. I decided on Arreau after speaking with dozens of breeders across the US and Canada over many months. Cherie has been a wealth of information about the breed and I truly appreciate the candid, no-nonsense approach she brought to our conversations from the beginning. It has been clear to us at every step that she always prioritizes the health and well-being of her dogs.

We had to cross our fingers that there would be enough female puppies for us to have one (we were quite far down the list) and I was thrilled when Cherie called to say she had a puppy for us. It was great fun being able to follow the arrival and development of the puppies through pictures and videos on facebook. Through these postings, all of the puppies’ families were invited into the family life that the puppies, dogs and kids shared, which was really terrific.

Luckily, in May of 2012 I was able to fly to Toronto, and I could plainly see how well-loved the puppies were by their family. My husband and I had described what kind of temperament we were looking for, and the puppy Cherie picked for us has exceeded every hope that we had. Our puppy has been outgoing, affectionate and eager-to-please from the beginning. She is an incredibly bright, sweet-natured, versatile dog and she has been a delight to train. I am sure that her wonderful personality is the result of Cherie’s breeding efforts as well as the care and attention that all of her puppies receive.

When I brought our puppy and her paperwork to our family vet, he told me how lucky I was. He said he could tell from her personality, health and build that I had found an outstanding breeder, and he asked me to pass along his compliments to Cherie. It was a great confirmation of what we already felt about Arreau.

It’s impossible to walk down the street without people stopping us to ask if they can meet our beautiful, friendly red poodle. I can’t count how many times I’ve given people Cherie’s name.

Cherie truly cares for all of her puppies. She continues to be an outstanding resource whenever I have a question about nutrition or training, or anything else. Her genuine interest in the puppies and their families is rare and wonderful.

New York, New York


Two and a half years ago we lost our black Standard Poodle, named Tanner. We agreed that we wouldn’t get another dog, after all we had two cats that we adored and we didn’t feel the need for another dog. Two years had passed and I kept on getting a feeling- something was missing. I mentioned this to my husband and suggested we might consider getting another Standard Poodle. To my surprise, he agreed. My only request was that over the years we had already had three black Standard Poodles, it was time for a change. We have been out of the dog show circuit for quite a few years, so we decided to contact the breeder of our first black Standard Poodle. Upon contacting her we discovered that she was now breeding and showing Silver Standard Poodles. We were very pleased with our first poodle from her and didn’t hesitate on sending her a deposit for one of her puppies. Soon after we were informed of the sad news that there weren’t going to be any puppies, as the female had a false pregnancy and she would not be bred again for another year. Our deposit was returned. We asked this breeder if she could recommend a reputable breeder that we could contact in our search for a puppy. She gave us a great recommendation for Cherie Perks of Arreau Red Standard Poodles. We were unfamiliar with this colour but when we went to Cherie’s web site and saw her dogs, we fell in love with them.

My husband contacted Cherie, who immediately impressed him with her friendly manner, extensive background and knowledge. Cherie took the time to explain her breeding program to him that day. We loved the fact that the puppies are born and raised in a home environment, being exposed to daily routines and interaction with a loving family who have children. We sent our deposit and the waiting began.

The female was late coming into heat, which made our wait a little longer. Cherie contacted us with the good news that the female was pregnant and it was just a matter of time before we would hear the pitter- patter of little feet.

While waiting for the puppies to be born, I got the fantastic idea that maybe we should get two puppies, a male and a female and they could grow up together. Again, Cherie’s expertise came to light as she quickly informed me that I would be heading into a disaster. She told me that it would be almost impossible to train two puppies and it wouldn’t take too long for me to start tearing my hair out. Cherie brought me back to my senses.

Cherie called us the day after the puppies were born and now we had that long wait for that four week period to be over when we would finally get to see them. We finally m et Cherie in person and I feel like that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. My husband and I took many photographs of the puppies that day.The puppies mother and the mother’s sister met us at the door when we arrived. We saw three females and two males. We had asked for a male. I had spent many an hour looking through name books, trying to find a name my husband and I could agree on. We agreed upon the name Dallas for our new boy. Both of the males were adorable so it really didn’t matter which one we matched up with. I did feel a connection with the puppy wearing the green collar. It turned out in the end that he was the puppy chosen for us based on the original criteria my husband had discussed with Cherie.

Dallas is home with us now and is an adorable happy puppy with a deep rich red coat. We couldn’t be happier with our little treasure.

We had mentioned to Cherie the we would like to get Dallas enrolled in a dog therapy program as my mother has been recently admitted to a nursing home and I saw the positive reactions the patients have when a dog comes to visit. Once again, Cherie was a wealth of information regarding obedience and therapy dog training.

Cherie also introduced us to a safer inoculation program for puppies. The only problem was trying to find a vet that would administer the vaccinations properly. We finally found one. After all it was our puppy and we wanted the vaccinations done properly, not the way that they have always done it. Dallas is currently following these guidelines.

Dallas was sent home with a puppy starter kit. This kit included a green blanket which had the scent of his mother and aunt, a CD was also included with pictures of him from the day he was born to the day we took him home with us, a complete file folder with veterinarian information and microchip information. Due to the fact that he wore a green collar from birth, he was sent home with a green lead that matched his collar.

Over the years my husband and I have had miniature poodles, miniature schnauzers and three black standard poodles and these were all purchased through reputable breeders. We can honestly say, we have never had any of them extend the time, care and patience that Cherie has most generously given us. It is also reassuring knowing Cherie in only a phone call away if the need arises.

My husband and I want to thank Cherie for filling that void in our lives with such a beautiful bundle of joy. We are looking forward to many happy adventures with Dallas.

Would I recommend this breeder? In a heartbeat!

Thank you,

Bev and Grant Weston
Ancaster, Ontario

Molly Mae

Dear Cherie, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for providing me with a beautiful and smart puppy. I had contacted other breeders but I learned so much from you, regarding dogs and especially poodles during our initial conversation, that I knew I didn’t need to look elsewhere. You were very well informed and especially caring about your puppies and their parents. Our conversation was as much an interview of me as it was of you. I know you care where your puppies will end up. Our little pup, Molly, is smart, energetic and healthy. She is very curious and after having her for almost 2 weeks, she has already learned to come when called, sit on command and let us know when she needs to go outside. I am so thrilled with this beautiful and affectionate little girl.

I would highly recommend you as a breeder of choice for anyone looking for a standard poodle.

Sandra Wallach
Los Angeles, California


We got our beautiful red puppy from Arreau Standard Poodles and Cherie Perks in September 2011. The entire transaction from beginning to end has been more than what we would have expected. Cherie provides a professional yet personal experience every step along the way, from learning about the breed, the pedigrees, or anything else concerning puppies, being updated with photos and videos of the puppy’s birth and development on a daily basis, to making arrangements for the puppy’s delivery. We were impressed that Cherie made all the travel arrangements for our puppy and that we had absolutely nothing to worry about except showing up at our local airport to pick up our furry baby boy. To top it all off, our puppy has been so loved and so well socialized at Arreau, that he adjusted to our home within a few minutes and much to our surprise, at 9 weeks, he was already climbing up and down stairs and practically crate-trained. It is obvious that our puppy was raised and loved by Arreau in a family environment. Though we never met Cherie, and only spoke on the phone a few times, we feel like we know her and that she is a part of our family as she is always available and happy to answer any puppy questions we continue to have. We know that we are not alone in raising our pup. We would not hesitate to get another puppy from Cherie Perks and Arreau Standard Poodles.

Sonia Lanteigne & Nikos Athens, Riverview, NB.


When our family decided to add a new member to our pack, we started researching standard poodles. Fortunately, I found the Arreau Red Standard Poodles website and sent an email to Cherie Perks asking for her knowledge and opinions about poodles in general and red poodles in particular. Cherie quickly responded to my email and promised to call our home that evening so we could “talk poo” and she kept her promise… it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Although I was looking for breeders “close to me” geographically, I actually found one “close to me” philosophically, with many of the same standards, beliefs, and ethics that I hold.

Cherie was all information and assistance with zero pressure. She shared her knowledge and expertise with us and made it clear that she was there to help us make a well informed decision no matter from whom we would eventually acquire a puppy. She explained about the importance of medical testing of the poodle parents to ensure a puppy who is as healthy as possible. Cherie’s dogs are part of the family and puppies are raised “underfoot”, which is exactly what we wanted. We wanted a family member – one who would sleep with us, play with us, exercise with us, couch-potato with us, not one who would be relegated to a kennel or a backyard.

Once we made the decision to “hire” Cherie’s poodle, Holly, as our surrogate mom, I’m sure I drove Cherie crazy with all of my constant questions. She took it all in stride and during the weeks up until the breeding, the months of Holly’s pregnancy, and the excruciating eight weeks of puppy development and growth, Cherie was the epitome of serenity and professionalism. We truly hit the jackpot when we found Cherie and Arreau Red Standard Poodles!

Because we live in North Dakota and land travel to Cherie’s home was time and distance prohibitive, we made arrangements to have our precious bundle shipped via airplane. I was a little apprehensive about it, but Cherie laid my concerns to rest with her no-nonsense explanation of how the puppy would be getting to us and that she would receive the best of care for the short time that she’d be on the airplane.

As usual, Cherie was totally correct. We picked up our stunning Princess Lucybug Fancy Pants at the airport, safe and sound! Lucy was extremely well socialized and comfortable with us from the moment we met. She continues to amaze us with her high intelligence and willingness to please. Beauty AND Brains… Who could ask for anything more?! Lucy also made a wonderful impression on our dear veterinarian when we took her in for a “well-puppy” exam. Dr. Amy jumped at the chance to volunteer puppy sitting services should we ever decide to go on vacation. Lucy is worth every second we spent waiting for her!

Thank you, Cherie, for entrusting our family with one of your precious poodle babies. You have gained a faithful poodle client and a forever friend!! God bless!

Barb Plum and family
Bismarck, ND USA


This past summer, we lost our big, beautiful, black Standard Poodle, Bogey. We were so very lucky to have him in our lives for just over 14 years. We were so crazy about him and poodles in general, we decided to get him a companion, and Desi (Desdemona) came to grace our lives, 13 yrs ago.

Then, lo and behold, not really seeking a 3rd Standard, Andi (Andromeda) joined our family, Andi is a little over 3. We were all sad at Bogey’s passing, friends, family, and 4 footed family. Though having the 2 girls seemed enough, they’re both so sweet and loving, we missed having a boy .

I began doing some internet research, more as grief therapy than an actual pursuit of a little boy to join our family. That’s how I found Cherie and Arreau Kennels. I was so impressed with her response to my email, I decided if, indeed, we wanted a little boy, I knew I wanted one from her. When I told my husband I had found a breeder and why I was so impressed with her, he was very pleased. That is until… he asked WHERE this breeder was. (We live in Oklahoma City) When I answered, Toronto, he asked if that was somewhere in Texas (you have to understand, in Texas there are towns named Paris, Milan, London, Miami, Palestine, etc). He was rather astonished when I said no, Toronto, in Ontario Canada. He felt sure we could find a breeder much closer.

Well, he was right, certainly I could find breeders much closer, but I could find none that seemed as ethical, knowledgeable, caring, kind, generous, compassionate, and just downright nice! Over the months, before Rory was born and the 8 weeks after, I got the opportunity to get to know Cherie and to consider her a good friend. I cannot begin to say what a truly lovely and loving lady she is. Her dogs are most certainly as much her family as her children and are treated as such, very loved and well cared for. Cherie posted pictures of Holly throughout her pregnancy and kept all us parents to be informed of weights, accomplishments, etc., of the litter, plus the regular pictures and videos of the babies from birth on! It was a thrill to watch our baby, Rory (means Red King), go from looking like a little, red, extra large mouse to the beautiful, butterball redhead we met in Toronto! It was a great day! We finally got to meet our new baby boy AND meet Cherie and her fiancée, Bruce.

Cherie was just putting the last little girl from the litter on the plane to her new home. She was very teary eyed and sad to let her go. She said that letting them go is the hardest part, even though she’s confident of the good homes the babies will be going to live. Our adorable Rory was the last of the litter and we (Cherie and I) had determined , via email and phone, that we would all have dinner together, play with Rory, and get to know each other better. It was a delightful and interesting late afternoon and early evening! Rory was clean as a whistle and beautifully groomed. He was (and is) very self confident and sociable. It only took him and the Girls 30 minutes or so to decide everything was fine. We are very happy to be a 3 poodle family again, and very happy to have a little boy in our midst again. Rory is a wonderful addition to our family and we know he will be a great blessing!

I cannot say enough good things about Cherie as a person, a breeder, and a true friend to dogs. I look forward to my life being even more enriched and blessed than it is with Little Rory as our new little boy and Cherie and Bruce as friends.

Vicki Righthouse


At the end of October 2009, we took our beautiful puppy Ember home to join his new family. It was the start of a new exciting chapter in our life and one that began about 4 months prior when we had had the good fortune of finding Cherie Perks through the Canadian Dogs Annual Magazine. Right from the outset we were so impressed with all the information Cherie provided for us, leading us step by step through the process. It was immediately clear that Cherie cares very deeply for the health, happiness and welfare of all of her dogs and that being a responsible breeder of standard red poodles is something that is of paramount importance to her.

Once providing her with information about ourselves, our lifestyle and our hopes in general regarding bringing a new dog into our lives, Cherie began to communicate with us frequently by posting photos and videos of how mum was doing with her pregnancy and then, of course, later the exciting ones of the pups through all stages of their early life up to the time they were eligible to take home at 8 weeks. We always felt welcome to phone with concerns and Cherie was prompt and efficient at answering. Cherie made sure that we were going home with the right puppy for us after getting to know us over a few months.

Finally, the day came to bring Ember home and there he was, all freshly groomed and looking his very best! Cherie had even fitted him with a little collar and leash for us just going that extra little distance that showed how much she cared. All his records were prepared for us in a lovely parcel ready to go.

Ember has been with us for almost 8 weeks now and is in excellent health in all ways. I will always feel that he actually has 3 mothers , Holly, his birth mom, plus Cherie and me!! The lines of communication are always open with Cherie and she continues to show concern and availability for any question. We could not be happier with the experiences we have had with Cherie Perks and heartily recommend Arreau Poodles to anyone.

Yours truly,

Maureen O’Kill
King City, Ontario


Our experience when dealing with Cherie Perks for the purchase of our standard poodle Ginger, was pleasant and professional. Cherie is a wealth of information and was always available to us before we received Ginger, and continues to be so. We received regular updates, videos, and pictures as Ginger grew. Ginger was shipped to us in BC. Cherie shipped Ginger and her sibling to BC in the same crate to alleviate some of the stress of travelling. Both puppies were in excellent condition, good spirits, and freshly groomed. We received a puppy care package, which helped with the transition to her new home. Cherie truly loves her dogs and it shows in Ginger. Ginger is so affectionate and LOVES to cuddle. She is our big teddy bear, such a treat. Ginger is a happy puppy, always smiling, very playful, confident, and very intelligent. I highly recommend Cherie Perks and her quality puppies. I still can’t believe the amount of attention Ginger attracts every time she leaves the house. Ginger is deep red and such a beautiful baby… beyond our expectations!! Thank you Cherie!!

Lori Rey Hipolito
Vancouver BC

Thank you to Cherie Perks

I have always had a dog in my life and have had standard poodles for about 14 years now. I was thinking about expanding the poodle part of my family and came across the ad for Arreau Standard Poodles. I gave Cherie a call and had the first of many long chats!!

I had been considering breeding standard poodles for many years but was uninterested in getting involved in it on my own. After talking to Cherie for some time she presented me with the idea of co-ownership which was the perfect solution for me and my family. She was very open and honest about what it would all involve and was happy to work out an arrangement that was good for both of us.

Cherie encouraged me to check out her background and that of her mother. I did so and this gave me further confidence in her knowledge and experience. She has been involved with standard poodle breeding and showing almost her whole life. What a person to have as a partner!! It was also great getting to know her as a person. I now count her as one of my closest friends.

On top of that she was able to reassure me that having two standard poodles would work out well. I was a bit worried about how our 7 year old standard poodle Sport would react. She was also a fount of information on what all breeding would involve. It was great to know that I would have someone that I could count on as a partner.

Before Holly (the puppies Mother) was even bred, she sent me many pictures of her and Dugan (the puppies Father). We talked a lot about their temperament and conformation. Before long Holly was in heat and then pregnant. Cherie kept me up on all the news, even sending me pictures of a very pregnant dog. My kids (I have 3 – one 12 years old, one 6 years old and a 4 year old) were so excited. When the puppies finally arrived Cherie sent us videos and many, many pictures.

Cherie and I spent much time discussing which dog would be the right one for us. She even encouraged us to come and see the puppies. We did so, and the kids count it as one of the best days ever. She spoiled them. My husband and I loved the chance to play with all the puppies too.

It was wonderful to see the relationship and love that Cherie had with each of the puppies. It was also great to see them in their cozy home in Cherie’s office. She told me that she had them there so that they had lots of attention and love. They sure weren’t kennel dogs. It was obvious that she spent much time with them and her adult dogs.

Finally it was time to pick up Betty-Jo our puppy. She was beautifully groomed and a wonderful traveler.

We couldn’t be happier with Betty Jo. She is absolutely gorgeous. She is deep red in color and has beautiful conformation. She is very smart and sweet. Betty Jo just exudes joy. She loves to cuddle and play. Our kids adore her and have been known to use her as a pillow! It amazes me how gentle she is for a puppy.

Our other standard poodle Sport is starting to act like a pup himself from time to time and the two spend hours playing (which is even more surprising when you realize that Sport is a confirmed couch potato). My family and I spend hours watching and laughing at them as they play. Betty Jo just adores Sport!! It turned out just like Cherie said it would.

Cherie and I have spent many hours talking and laughing since Betty-Jo has arrived home with me. She’s laughed with me over puppy antics and truly been happy to hear how she is growing. It’s been fun to send her pictures and to hear her reaction to how lovely she is turning out.

I know that Cherie and I will be friends forever and I can’t think of a better recommendation to give someone than that. She has provided us with the newest furry member of our home. I’d like to say once again, thank you for everything Cherie. It’s been great and I know it will be a great experience working with you.

Debra Pohl


We discovered Cherie Perks and her red Standard Poodles through the internet one day when we were considering buying a standard poodle. She informed us that litter of red standard poodles had been born the day before we called, and we were able to get a male puppy. Since we live in Nova Scotia, and Cherie in Ontario, we wouldn’t be able to go there to pick out a dog ourselves, and he would have to be shipped to us without meeting him first. We relied on her to make an appropriate choice for us based on the characteristics we described to her over the phone And she made an excellent choice! Kane was exactly what we were looking for- intelligent, friendly, outgoing, good with our 10 month old daughter, playful yet mellow and happy to snuggle up on the couch with us. We are very happy with the puppy she picked out for us. He is gorgeous and very smart and friendly. Kane arrived freshly groomed, and is a well adjusted, easy to train puppy (he was asking to go outside within a couple of days & and learned to heel, come, sit, shake a paw, and lie down within a week – still working on getting him to stay!).

Since we were unable to go to Cherie’s house to meet the puppies and make our selection, she would email or post pictures and videos of the puppies on Facebook and she emailed us regular updates. It was great to be able to watch these puppies grow up online & we quickly narrowed our choices to 2 puppies, one of which Cherie thought would be a good match for us, so we picked him & “Purple Collar” became our puppy! We also looked forward to new videos and pictures of our puppy, and delighted in watching him grow & seeing his personality develop! The pups were raised in her house and spent lots of time with her adult dogs, her family members and friends, and seemed to be very well socialized. It is obvious how much Cherie loves her dogs, and she provided our pup with the best of care in his first weeks of life. We spoke with Cherie a number of times by phone and she was always eager to talk about her dogs and answer our many questions. She provided us with lots of information and is very knowledgeable about the breed.

She introduced us to the convenience of email money transfers & this was a very easy, secure way to purchase our puppy at a distance. She was very thorough in her preparations for shipping our pup to us by plane and chose a direct flight so he wouldn’t spend so much time crated. He traveled with one of his sisters, who was also moving to NS. He was very happy when he arrived and didn’t seem bothered by the flight. Cherie was very glad to hear that he arrived safely & very sad to see him go. She had sent a blanket with him that smelled like his mom, and he slept with that the first few nights. When we sent our deposit to Cherie, we included some of our socks, so he would “know” us when he arrived here. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and apparently, Kane picked up my sock right away & wouldn’t let anyone else have it!

We are very happy with the puppy Cherie chose for us, with her care and attention to his needs, with the support and information she provided to us, and we would highly recommend that you purchase a puppy from her. It is wonderful to have found a breeder like Cherie, who puts her heart and soul into hand-raising her puppies and who genuinely cares for each furry “child” she helps bring into the world. She has been in contact with us a few times since Kane arrived and now she can watch him growing up on Facebook!

Stever Family
Nova Scotia

Praise for Arreau Red Standard Poodles

I came across Arreau Red Standard Poodles and Cherie Perks after I had already made an agreement to purchase another Standard Poodle and it turned out the mother of the litter was not pregnant after all (unfortunately that does happen, to no fault of anyone). I had been looking for a Standard Poodle for my Mom, whose previous dog had to be put down in July. My Mom’s birthday was at the end of October and when she made the decision in late August that she wanted another dog and a Standard Poodle was her first choice, I began to do my research, hoping to find a litter that would be ready around the time of my Mom’s birthday, so that I could surprise her.

I was pretty devastated when the original plan with another breeder fell through, as I was left scrambling to find another breeder in time for my Mom’s birthday and, having show dogs myself, I was pretty choosy about from whom I would get a puppy. As fate would have it, I discovered Cherie, whose name I had not come across in my original research and who was expecting a litter of beautiful Red Standard poodles in about a week. Red was my Mom’s first color choice, and it is not easy to come by a reputable breeder of reds, so I was delighted when I discovered Cherie and her wonderful Poodles. After a couple of emails, Cherie and I talked by phone. I was relieved that Cherie was on board with my plan to surprise my Mom with a poodle. As a general rule, purchasing a dog for someone else is not a good idea. However, in this case, my Mom and I are close and I was 100% certain of what kind of dog she would pick, what kind of disposition would match her needs and, most importantly, that she in fact wanted a dog and was willing to take on all the responsibilities that having a dog requires. After the first conversation, Cherie and I continued to develop a wonderful relationship based on our love of dogs. Cherie and I both have Whippets, so she and I quickly formed a bond from our love of that breed.

Since I was in New Brunswick and Cherie was in Ontario, I was unable to go and view the puppies myself, so I had to rely on Cherie to pick out the best puppy for my Mom. This was not the first time I had purchased a dog in this manner. I got my Whippet, a show dog, this way from a breeder even further away. That experience turned out to be a great one as well, and I have been extremely pleased with that dog, so I was confident in the process and my communications with Cherie only increased my confidence in her. She was always open and honest about the process and costs involved, from the birth of the litter to shipping the puppies to their new homes. When you have a puppy shipped, there are additional expenses such as the purchase of a crate, which you have to rely on the breeder for. Again, Cherie provided us with all the relevant info and let each new owner choose the right size for them (puppy size, full size, etc.), not to mention that the crates were an excellent choice. With this particular litter, we also had to make decisions about the course of booster shots to give before the puppies shipped. Cherie gave us all the information we needed to make a sound decision on the various options available and she respected the decision made by each new owner.

In my experience, having the breeder choose your dog, or at least help you in choosing your dog, is the smartest thing to do. The breeder spends at least the first eight weeks with the puppies, so has a much better idea of the overall temperament of each puppy than you can get from one or two
visits. It was obvious that Cherie cared a great deal about each puppy in the litter and took the time to get to know them and was thus able to match puppies and owners in the most suitable way, taking into account the qualities each new owner was looking for. Cherie’s hand-rearing approach also gave the puppies many, many opportunities to socialize with her other dogs, her family and friends, and her grandchildren. When my Mom’s puppy arrived, she was already well socialized!

Cherie did a wonderful job picking the right puppy for my Mom. My Mom’s puppy, Bronwyn, is very sweet-natured. She is pretty laid back most of the time. Of course, she has playful spurts and gets up to the usual puppy mischief – she absolutely loves to frolic in the snow, which has been a real bonus with the unusual abundance of snow we have received in New Brunswick this year. She is very intelligent and trainable. At five months, she already walks beautifully on a leash. She loves to snuggle with my Mom, and me and my Whippet when we are at my Mom’s. I also have two young children (4 and 3), and she is excellent with them. She’s sweet and goofy and even won the heart of my Grandmother, who was not a fan of the Standard Poodle before she met Bronwyn!

Between when the litter was born and when Bronwyn made her flight to my Mom, Cherie sent very regular updates by email with lots of pictures, video, and info. She promptly answered all my questions before my Mom’s puppy arrived and has been helpful with my Mom’s questions since Bronwyn’s arrival. Cherie also arranged for the puppies to arrive with great puppy packs with all kinds of info on bringing a new puppy into the home, as well as Bronwyn’s pedigree. Cherie truly cares about all her puppies and is always happy to receive updates and photos of them and keep us updated on how things are going for her and the other puppies from the litter. Getting a puppy from Cherie has been a truly wonderful experience and I highly recommend her and her puppies.
Thanks Cherie.


Rebecca Bates
New Brunswick


I purchased a four month old standard poodle puppy from Cherie Perks in March 2007.

I was interested in getting a red boy and I was immediately impressed the first time I went to see Cherie’s boys. The puppies had been raised in a home environment and were delightful, happy, healthy and social. After numerous visits and absolutely no pressure from Cherie, I had fallen in love with all the boys. However, my heart belonged to Moose (aptly named because of his large stature!) Cherie was delighted with our decision and at the same time visibly emotional to be losing one of her favorite boys. It was clear just how much she loved our Moose.

From the day we brought Moose (now lovingly known as Moosie) home, our hearts have been stolen. He is an absolute joy and has been the most wonderful addition to our family. He is gorgeous, but more importantly, he has the sweetest, most gentle disposition of any dog I have ever owned. He truly is a gentle giant. He loves everyone—people and animals alike and we in turn adore him!

Cherie has been wonderful as a support and as a knowledgeable resource. She consistently kept in touch with me to see how Moose was adjusting and was always available when I called. It has become so clear to me that breeding is not a business to Cherie, but a passion. She loves what she does and does it exceptionally well. She follows her pups and can tell me how all of Moose’s siblings are doing at any given time. I have appreciated and admired Cherie’s warmth, sense of humor and passion for her dogs. I would unequivocally recommend Cherie as a breeder. If I am ever able to convince my husband to add a third dog to our family, without question, it would be one of Cherie’s.

Kim Almond-Pike
Guelph, ON.

To Whom it May Concern:

I started corresponding with Cherie Perks of Arreau Kennels probably about a year and a half ago. I was looking for a Red Standard Poodle at the time and I had seen an ad on the internet that said she might have or might be expecting a litter. Cherie was very helpful and informative about the expected litter and Poodles in general. She was a great help to me as I knew nothing.

We kept in touch by email and by phone very closely after the litter was born and Cherie continued to answer my questions and sent me many pictures of the puppies. Over this period of time we became quite good friends and there was never any pressure on me to purchase a puppy. I was extremely undecided as to what I wanted, or even if I should get a puppy at that time. She was very understanding and supportive of my indecision and at no time was upset that I could not make up my mind. She was quite willing to “wait it out” and not rush me into anything.

Because we had become friends and I felt like I had know her “forever” we discussed many other topics other than dogs, such as family and personal matters. When we did speak about dogs she also gave me information on other breeders and other pups I might be interested in should I decide to wait.

In the end, I did not buy a Poodle from her but did, however buy a Whippet puppy from the litter that she had from Iris. I am extremely pleased with him and he came to me in excellent condition, proving that the litter received excellent care and lots of love from Cherie and her family.

I would recommend Arreau Kennels to anyone who wants a clean, healthy, well cared for puppy that has been loved and socialized before reaching his/her new home. I also believe that Cherie Perks is an honest, caring individual who loves what she does and becomes so attached to her pups that she really hates to see them go.

Janet Fast
Fraserwood, MB


I met Cherie Perks through some strange twist of fate and the internet. I was looking for a companion for my 2 year old white standard and lo and behold, I was receiving photos of a litter of red Standard Poodles. I had actually decided not to get one when Cherie suggested we come take a look and meet the pups. It was an interesting journey and my daughters and I had to choose between 3 that would fit into our family and lifestyle. Cherie’s home was totally set up for Holly and her litter. Cherie is a very experienced dog breeder. When I had some training issues she was there for me, by email and by phone.

We chose Kobe and he is a wonderful, good natured, beautiful dog. He loves his older brother Joey and has assumed the personality of a younger brother. He loves to please, he is playful, and best of all he is so loveable. Whenever we come home he tries to grab your hand. He loves “kisses” and I feel so comfortable with him around other dogs and especially children.
This is our third standard poodle and by far he is the prettiest in a masculine way, I can’t say he is the smartest of the three but he sure is momma’s boy and I love that about him!!

Marci Csumrik,
Orillia, ON.


“We got our new red Standard Poodle in May 2007 and we are delighted to have him in our family. Because of distance, we could not meet him before we actually got him, but he was exactly like we were told he was. He was beautiful, freshly trimmed and affectionate. From day one, he behaves like a member of the family, always trying to please us. Gentle with our three children and two cats, he easily adapted to his new home.

He is calm, easy to train and happy to walk with us in the neighborhood. He is quiet in our house and, even with his large size, he takes little room.

We would strongly recommend Cherie Perks, as she identified the perfect dog for our lifestyle. It’s worth the ride to Ontario!

Manon and Dominic,
Montreal. QC


In the summer of 2005 I sold a Whippet bitch on breeder’s terms to Cherie Perks. Her name was Albelarm Lorricbrook Jitterbug and Cherie named her Iris. The verbal agreement we made was that Iris would always live with Cherie and during Iris’s second season she would be bred to a stud dog of my choice, Cherie would whelp the litter, raise the puppies to eight weeks and keep a male puppy of her choice.

In April 2007 Iris was bred to Ch. Lorricbrook Manorcourt Jester and produced five beautiful puppies- three boys and two girls.

Cherie honoured our agreement and more. Everything went smoothly, the puppies thrived on all the love and attention lavished on them and it was a pleasure dealing with Cherie.

Thank you and let’s do it again in a couple of years time.

Jenny McCartney, Lorricbrook Whippets