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CH. Winnow Happy Go Lucky at Arreau

Quincy's championship win photo.
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It is difficult to know where to begin describing this boy! He is my heart. He has the sweetest, kindest, most reliable temperament I have ever known in a dog of any breed. His registered name describes him to a "T". He is happy go lucky, loves life, is devoted to me and is a constant source of joy and pleasure. His pedigree is filled with some glorious  Champions from around the world, and his Mother's side has some well known and sought after reds and apricots. His ten generation COI is 2.7%, with a Wycliffe influence of 45.92%, OEA of 12.74% and DLA of 1:6

Quincy gained his Canadian championship over five weekends of very limited showing. The judges loved him despite the fact he has a natural tail and is smaller than the average North American male.

He has had all of his testing done and his results were fabulous. He has OFFA excellent hips, normal elbows, normal cardiac, normal thyroid, eyes- normal, patellas- normal, his dentition is registered on the Dentition database as normal with all teeth, S/A clear and is clear of neonatal encephalopathy and von Willebrand by parentage. Quincy's CHIC number is 81137 View all of Quincy's results >

Our boy has sired a few litters and his pups tend to range from small to the smaller side of average. Generally they are very pretty with lovely, refined, correct heads and beautiful bites and incredible temperaments.

This wonderful boy is available at public stud to fully tested, approved bitches.

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