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Planned Breedings

Cayenne and Ernie

Cayenne - Arreau's I Did It My Way

Ernie - Doubleshot Ernest of Arnette

Desiree and Angus

In the spring of 2017 we plan to breed the  lovely Desiree (Arreau's The Prayer) to our Angus (Silken Arreau Where's The Beef).  Desiree is a dainty, rich red girl with gorgeous  dark eyes and jet black pigment. She is a litter sister to our Pearl and is the daughter of Journey (CH. Farfallina at Arreau Very-Merry and Lombardi  (GR. CH. Le Glorious Lombardu du NOLA's Caniche Rouge).  Angus is a solid, well conformed boy with dark eyes and good pigment and has in the past produced some  of  the deepest red puppies I have ever laid eyes on. Both of these dogs have sound, kind dispositions. We anticipate puppies that are on the smaller side of average to average in height and weight. 

Desiree - Arreau's The Prayer

Angus - Silken Arreau Where's the Beef

Pearl and Ernie

For more information about our exciting litter from Pearl and Ernie, visit the Nursery News page!
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